A Goal Diggers ‘no plan’ plan

Truth is, there is no plan. 

And up until having to write this post, I hadn’t set any goals for the month.

I had tiny mental notes of things that I wanted to do to improve as a person but they hadn’t been filed under ‘Goals’. In fact, I do not believe I have anything in that mental file.

However, my personal improvement cabinet is over flowing.

Today’s writing prompt: 5 goals I would like to achieve by end of this month. 

It will be simply written.

If I had to make 5 goals right now, this is what they will be:

  1. Learn better ways of financial control by engaging with people on the strategies they have adopted. I have some really big plans, which I will share when I am comfortable, that needs saving for. If you have any strategies that you use, please share as a comment.
  2. Learn to mind my own business. As an empath, this is extremely hard but must be down. Quite frankly I am not really sure that I should be minding my business. I think it is selfish to go around just thinking of yourself. However, I am tired of hearing, ‘I know you want to help, but think about yourself. Let’s see how this goes.
  3. Be more intentional about my wellness. This means establishing care routines. Taking care of my body by making lifestyle changes; eating healthy, exercising, proper skin and hair care. Healing my mind with therapy, affirmations and breaks as needed.
  4. Read a book. Fiction or non fiction. I used to as a child get buried in books all day everyday. As an adult, I am buried in my devices. It would be nice to fall in love with reading again. Suggest to me what your favourite books are.
  5. And finally, stay awesome because I am rad and cool and there is no better person to play me than me. Yanno?

Could you tell I run out of goals to write? Does that make me close to Self Actualisation as proposed by Maslow’s theory? Do you set monthly goals?


2 thoughts on “A Goal Diggers ‘no plan’ plan

  1. Loved reading this Nisa! Partly because I read it in your voice 😂

    Here’s my tip for financial control- decide early on how much you need to survive. As you climb the career ladder and earn more money, continue to live within that financial survival band. Save everything else. Basically live like you have significantly less than you actually do.

    Sidebar: I’ll take an empath any day over a narcissist. Keep going girl!

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