Friday Nights and Halloween

It is Friday. The office is almost empty. Everyone is gone for Felix’s wedding. Felix is getting married! Felix got married, and per the pictures it was AWESOME! He looked like such a buftin on his throne with his queen. I do not fancy weddings much {restless child problems} but that was beautiful!

I am going out with my sister and my friend later after work so that should be all kinds of awesome. I say ‘awesome’ way too much.

17:00 – I don’t remember

Dede called me  to come pick her up from her office. We met up at Naya’s office because she had the car and it was more convenient that way. We got to Naya’s office when it had already started raining cats and dog. (Why not ducks and cows?)

We  sat in the office lobby until the rain had subdued and then it was off to have fun! I wanted to go to Jamrock, because I had been there before and the smoothie was pretty nice and the springrolls, and the mood was swell and the interior decor was a fusion but not the kind of fusion that was messy. You get me.

But Naya wanted us to go to Kikibees. We did a pol on my Whatsapp status and even though Jamrock won with a lone vote, we went to Kikibees. And it was the best choice!


I knew it was the best choice when I saw the Halloween decor. With a scare-crow and pumpkin and masks and skulls and creepy things. I was going to have fun.

We tried to get a private “stall” but it smelled like pee and the tables were small and we had nothing to hide so it was pretty pointless. Kikibees has a very outdoor set up and everyone is just close together. It is great if you have company. If you don’t, meh.


So we sat out in the open with everyone else. We met our friend Augusta. Her band plays at Kikibees every Friday. We got a table of 4, next to an electric socket. #Winning. Anet joined us later. Augusta kept going back and forth between us and her band and we got the party started.

Night started off with a very pretty cocktails which I found out later was called, Mr.Norbert. It tasted just as pretty as it looked. Maybe a tad too pretty because it was soooo sweet, until I mixed it with the alcohol that stayed on top to create the gradient effect.

We got friend yams and really spicy goat meat and chicken. It was. SPICY. Very very spicy. I LOVED it!


I got me a bottle of Smirnoff Red, I prefer Black, Dee got a milk shake and we enjoyed the live band’s renditions of the old classics; Bust a Move, Osibisa’s Sun Shine day, Wonderful world. The entire ambiance was so happy-ing. I tried on a couple of costume masks and very much enjoyed myself.

We were exhausted, we had had fun. Dede went home, Naya and I went home, and the night was restful.

How are you doing?



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