The First of Many

Today is day 1 of my 365 blog-scapades!

I am completely tasking myself to stay committed to sharing my thoughts and my life to you and to the world. This should be fun.


It’s Monday, 9.40am, I’m in the office. I am tired because I didn’t get as much rest the past weekend as I had hoped for. [ It’s okay, I spent the day with my wittle bubbas ] And, I am in a bit of pain simply because I am a woman and 5 days in a month I am in pain.

I am annoyed, cranky and I need a lot of self control to not have someone accidentally bump into my fist for talking to me.


The pain is gone, I am not irritable and I am certain no one will get punched if they spoke to me. I am delighted with myself because I finally after 3 inconsistent weeks of learning been able to successfully do a Write-on effect on Adobe Premiere Pro and I’m thinking and gloating to myself, “that was easy peasy.” (That is not what you were saying last week, “Bitch be humble sit down” ).


I am going to home now, I am beyond exhausted more mentally than physically. Joel (our organisation’s CEO) wasn’t lying when he said “We are selling brain power by the minute”. Pros and cons of working in a marketing agency.

I am just ready to be home be in my bed, watch some Rick and Morty and then be me.

So that is it, Day 1 of me.

How you doing?!


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