Get out of the Valley

I go through the valley every work day. It is the shortest way to  get to the office or to the bus stop. It is not an actual valley, it is an alley between two high walls.

I have often wondered how it became known as the valley, it is probably because it is low ground between the high walls and big buildings.

A more funny reason, as remarked by my friend, is that, it might have become known as the valley because every time a person went through the alley, they were reminded of the line from the Lord’s Prayer

Yea though I walk through the valleys of the shadows of death, I will fear no evil.

The valley can be scary, it gets dark in the night and is home to some smokers and alcoholics. There have also been stories told about robberies in the valley which makes my friend’s presumption very befitting.

Just like the valley, there are walls on our sides, and although metaphorical, these walls are there. They may confine, or guide us. They might make the journey shorter as well as dangerous. What those walls are, differs per individual and per situation.

For some people, actually most people, the walls are represented by the standards that they might have set for themselves, as well as standards that other people might have set for them. And a lot of the time these walls become too high to go over therefore limiting the individual to a predestined pathway.

In the valley you are only going forwards or backwards when you should probably be going sideways to finally find exactly what life needs to be offering you

A lot of people end up staying in their valleys, probably because it is more comfortable, it seems safer, or they just do not know how to find their own way.

Get out of the valley.


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