Why I DON’T like the bank


It’s my first log of the day. Probably the only log today. I am writing from the front seat of my Uber and I am headed home. The one annoying thing about working in an agency? Work comes when the day is over.

Today was another swirl of emotions. I am in a very uncomfortable situation at the moment but let’s not get into that. Not now anyway.

I really do not like going to the bank. Especially here in Ghana. There is no effort put into creating a wonderful, hassle-free customer experience.

I shouldn’t have to wait 45 minutes in the bank for a 5 minute transaction if they can help it. Let’s look at some worst case scenarios.

  1. I could become a hostage in a bank robbery simply because I didn’t leave the bank early enough and the robbers came to the bank when I was fourth in line.
  2. I could forget my account number due to some sort of impatience induced amnesia and send my hard earned money to the wrong person.
  3. I could break my back having to shift every 7 minutes through 20 seats.
  4. I sit so long I forget how my legs work and then become a vegetable.
  5. I leave the bank without any money.

Seriously though, if I ever went to a bank and all the teller booths had attendants/tellers I would be super stoked. Unfortunately this has never happened.

You get in the bank and then come out a whole century later because even though they had 7 teller booths there were only 2 tellers.

One dealing with foreign exchange, and foreign money transfers and the other, local deposits and withdrawals. And we are under their mercy because they can decide at any time to go on a chit-chat break and they isn’t anything you can do about it.

I always leave the bank angrier than I was the last visit and I dread having to go to the bank. I’d avoid the place altogether if I could.

I shouldn’t be made to feel frustrated at the thought of getting my money. I shouldn’t feel like starvation is a better alternative to going to the bank. Cash withdrawals should leave me with a wide grin on my face.

Maybe one day I will leave a letter in the decorative boxes they have around called “suggestion” boxes. I doubt if would make a difference but one can only try.

If you are with me say Aye.

How are you doing?

3 thoughts on “Why I DON’T like the bank

  1. Darling, I’m becoming addicted to the posts. You write so well.

    However, you can avoid forgetting how your legs work and becoming a vegetable because you have sat for so long in the bank (Lol) by using the Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) Those things are life savers.

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