Fear’s Ploy – a poem about courage


There were many times,

with many missed moments.

But not enough lifetimes

for our postponements.

We put off our joy

as we fell for fear’s ploy.

‘Don’t do it;¬†you’ll fail

between your legs; keep your tail.’


There were many days,

and lost opportunity

Unwarranted delays

and embraced jejunity.

We stayed afraid

because anxiety said,

‘Make no moves

The world disapproves.’


We accepted the lies

and paid the price

our glory lost

our pride the cost.


No more! No more!

For that we’re sure.

We’ll keep our head tall

unafraid to fall.

As we stride

against the tide


We reclaim control

of our steps and role.

With courage.

With wit.

and fear but a bit.

– Miranisa


Writer’s message: Fear is inevitable. Fear is human. But, it can be the thing that holds you back from the success that you deserve. Don’t let it.




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