It is so hot

It burns! It burns!!

Why does it burn so much?!


Why is it this hot at 8 in the morning. It is such a prickly heat and I am extremely grateful for air conditioners right this moment. Makes all the sense that my F*ck Weather app said people went to hell to take a break from this bullshit. [I laughed way to hard at that forecast.]


We are all in a state of shock. We need an intervention. Bel hasn’t seen The Sound of Music!

do(e) a deer? Children wearing clothes made from curtains? No? WOW… okay.

I love Sound of Music. I am writing this post humming the tune of Edelweiss – bless my homeland. It is one of those movies that I have watched hundreds of times, and I don’t think I am exaggerating. It was a beautiful movie, a classic. It encompassed struggles and family and togetherness and “do(e) a deer” is such a catchy song, easy to learn and so fond. I catch myself singing (especially when I am in a downer):

“when the dogs bite, when the bee sting, when I am feeling sad, I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel so bad.”

Sound of Music (1965) Julie Andrews Credit: 20th Century Fox/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection.


Every time it is 13:00, I think it is 3pm and I am excited because I get to go home soon. Then, I realize it’s only 1pm, in his instance 2pm and there is still quite a bit of time and meetings to go through before the day ends.


It is time to go home. And the day has turned quite sour. Had a good brainstorm everything was smooth sailing and then a phone call. The freaking phone conversation.

One thing I can’t stand is having someone invalidate my concerns, my questions, my opinions. And that is just what happened on the phone. “We already talked about this why are you bringing it up again. I already explained this to you.” Well if you explained it as well as you should have, or just stayed straight from the start,everything will be smooth-sailing even now.

I am so glad it is the end of the day, and wouldn’t have my emotions getting in the way of my work. I don’t like to be angry or sad at work. Happy feelings only.

I can’t put my thoughts together. I am fuming.

pack my bag, walk to the bus stop and distract myself with the passengers on the bus.

How are you doing?


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