Laundry + Clean Sneakers

Let me begin with the greeting of the season; A Happy New Year.

I find that ironic and somewhat annoying because perhaps now in my maturity, I realize that time is just an abstract concept and has no bearing on events that would occur. [the words of a Twitter meme]. The new year is just the next day, an over glorified next day.

At the same time quite in contrast to my current sentiments, it is a day of newness and hope and it does symbolise the fresh start that many a person may so very much crave for. And so in the words of a friend, I will let people enjoy things.

Once again, Happy New Year!


I woke up with one resolution, do my laundry and scrub my sneakers, all of them. And I did. The laundry first, handwashing every single item from my clothes hamper. And then armed with a toothbrush, toothpaste, a sponge and detergent gave my sneakers a scrubbing. Meticulously focused on one pair after the other. Now that I think about it, it was quite the distraction for an annoying morning filled notifications and text messages from seasonal acquintances.

And then, as if sent by the gods of the internet specifically to me, I stumbled upon an article. The title; Why you can’t wash clothes on New Year’s

You have got to be kidding!? Of course I had to see this after a morning of nothing but laundry!

Naturally this piqued my interest, and from what I gathered, I had simply fucked up my 2019 by doing laundry. It was believed that by doing laundry you either wash away a family member, your good fortune and luck for the year. The funniest or should I say scariest misfortune of this grievous crime, you’ll have more laundry than usual in the next year. I told you I fucked up, I don’t want extra laundry.

And then I laughed. Who hated laundry so much that they made up these superstitions? That’s what they were; superstitions. I played a scene in my head with a mother asking for laundry to be done and her twins mischeviously smart retorting, ‘Do you want to wash away our good luck mother?’ It amused me.

So here I am, the girl who did laundry on New Year’s Day, follow my story.

Thankful Day 1/365

I am thankful for laundry. At least I have got clothes.


4 thoughts on “Laundry + Clean Sneakers

  1. ….and she is back. With a bang and clean
    You write so well. Your hands and mind are gifted. Loved reading this post.
    Keep it coming and don’t slaaack..

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