Pleasantly Overwhelmed

If you are offered mediocre, and if you accept it, over a period of time it seems just appropriate. You settle. You might even believe that the less that is offered is more.

This is me.

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In accepting and giving the benefit of the doubt to unwarranted, and unacceptable offers, I started to fall in love with them. I was completely in ‘settle mode’ and I was not going to move. A false sense of contentment. And I would often whisper to myself, ‘You have it better than other people.’ And then one day, I moved. Everything I had was enough. but what if it could me more? A quote that resonated loudly with me said:

When you feel comfortable, it is time to move.

Moving from being comfortable for so long made me feel, pleasantly overwhelmed. These were two words I never expected to use together in a sentence. And here we are.

In moving, I had to work harder, think wider, and push myself with a force only comparable to the persistence of a telemarketer. And with every step came the doubt, the temptation to run back to my comfort place, emotional and mental calluses and the desperation that easily turned to despair. And still I moved because for the first time in a long time, I felt pride. I felt stimulated.

And then I crossed the finish line of the race started by my move. And it was beautiful and like a pot at the end of the rainbow, extremely fulfilling. It was better than everything I had been comfortable with and then I questioned my comfort.

I had moved! And it was a pleasantly overwhelming experience.

Thankful Day 3/365

I am thankful for desperation that forces me to push harder.


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